The Little Mermaid

Damascus Theatre Company is searching for people of all ages (ages 8 through adult) for its fall musical DISNEY’S The Little Mermaid

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman, Glenn Slater
Book by Doug Wright

Based on the Hans Christian Andersen story and the Disney film that was produced by Howard Ashman & John Musker and written & directed by John Musker & Ron Clements. Originally Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions.

Directed by Shelly Horn
Musical Direction by Keith Tittermary


Tue June 13, 7-9:30pm
Wed June 14, 7-9:30pm at The Academy of Fine Arts, 8451 Helgerman Court, Gaithersburg.


Sat June 17, 11:00am – 1:30pm at Damascus Library, 9701 Main Street, Damascus


• Open to children (8 and older), teens, and adults
• Please sing a 32-bar section of a song in the style of Disney that shows off range and character. Singing from the show is allowed. • An accompanist will be provided. A cappella singing is permissible (but not suggested)
• Bring sheet music in the correct key.
• Bring a photo.


November 10-19, 2017 (8 performances)
at Olney Theatre Center, Historic Stage

TO SCHEDULE AN AUDITION: Email the desired day and time to
You won’t hear back unless there is a problem with your requested audition time.


Rehearsals will begin in late August (evenings and weekend times) and will begin in earnest in September at venues in Gaithersburg & Damascus.


Prince Eric, Male Lead
Baritone, D5 – B3

Ursula, Female Lead
Alto, C#5 – F3

Sebastian, Male Lead
Tenor, D5-A3

Ariel, Female Lead
Mezzo-Soprano, Eb5 – Bb3

King Triton, Male Supporting

Grimsby, Male Supporting
Spoken, Baritone, C5-E4

Flounder, Male Supporting
Tenor/Treble/Boy Soprano, Db5-G3

Scuttle, Male Supporting
Tenor, E5-B3

Pilot, Male Featured, Head Sailor
Baritone, C5-Bb3 (few lines, voice is important)

Leeward, Male or Female Featured

Windward, Male or Female Featured

Chef Louis, Male Featured
Tenor, C5-A3

Flotsam, Male Featured
Tenor, C#5 – C4

Jetsam, Male Featured
Baritone C#5-C4

Mersisters (G5-G3, Soprano/Alto):
Acquata, Female Featured
Andrina, Female Featured
Arista, Female Featured
Atina, Female Featured
Adella, Female Featured
Allana, Female Featured

Tentacles – 6-8 Extensions of Ursula (tight group), male/female

Gulls – Scuttles Flock of Backup Singers, male/female (3 in score)

Chefs – Chef Louis’ assistants (need good choral singers), male/female
Can double as members of the Sea Chorus

Carlotta – Headmistress in Eric’s Palace, female

Sailors/Crew, male/female
Can Double as Sea Chorus

Seahorse – Court Herald, young performer, clear speaking voice, male/female
non singing

Sea Chorus – Creates each world within the show
Move gracefully, dancers
In scenes without drawing focus
Can double as Merfolk, Sea Creatures and Lagoon Animals, male, female

Sea Creatures/Animals, male/female
Underwater animals – Kings Court

Merfolk – Kings Court, male/female
Can double as Sea Creatures

Lagoon Animals
Can double as Sea Creatures, male, female

Disney’s The Little Mermaid Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.